Methods to Get Free Targeted Internet Traffic to Your Website

For the serious home based business entrepreneur doing business on the internet, hot targeted traffic is essential to the growth and survival of the business. This article outlines several methods you can use to get more interested visitors to your web site. All traffic-building techniques are free to implement. If you just continue to promote your websites with these traffic-generating ideas, you will start to get the kind of traffic you want.

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No matter what opportunity or product you promote via the internet you do not have a business unless you have customers. One way to increase sales is to increase your customer base, this means more visitor traffic. If you are not interested in free web traffic, congratulations, you must have deep pockets or all ready have more than you can handle. For those who are interested in free web traffic, read on.

Just getting large numbers of visitors to websites is not enough. These visits have to turn into sales. A chance or uninterested visitor is little better than no visitor. Every site needs targeted visitors. Your site needs people who have seen your message and have had their interest peeked. With a targeted market approximately 3 visitors for every 100 will make purchases. Without targeted visitors this conversion rate drops significantly.

Throughout this article you will encounter numerous ways to increase your web traffic. This traffic will be well targeted free leads, all through online marketing methods.

Do you like to be sold, or pushed into a sale? Like most the answer is a definitive NO. One of my mentors has instilled in me the importance of building relationships as apposed to selling someone. Once the person gets to know, like, and trust you they will be more willing to join you in your opportunity or buy product from you. Remember, know, like, trust, buy!

Free Traffic and Message Boards

Relating this principle to free internet marketing, I suggest you visit message boards. These boards are so effective that I still receive requests and referrals from posts made over a year ago. Visit various boards post messages, meet people, ask questions, share your wisdom, and words of encouragement.

Suggested tips to keep in mind when posting to message boards. Remember you are there to build relationships, you want people to know, like and trust you.
Do not spam: – do not post the same thing over and over
– post something meaningful and relevant to the conversation
– do not advertise unless otherwise specified
– do not participate in negative postings about others (criticize or flame)

To make the most of message boards and insure highly targeted traffic to your website:
– select boards that pertain to your product or opportunity
– get your name out and popularity up, post a response to a question or simply post a question yourself
– include a signature file with your name and URL, no email. This can be placed in the profile page. It is a good idea to set-up a second email because, you will get spam
– spend one or two evenings a week posting on several different message boards
– be genuine, helpful, and try to learn a few things

Free Traffic and Traffic Generation Sites

Traffic generation sites can be good and bad. Most are not worth your time, however, there are a few good ones, so choose with care. I recommend Traffic Swarm. This site is better than most because people select a site from a list in topics they have selected to view ads from. An ad is then chosen based on a tag line and a short description you have written. If the visitor wants credit for their selection you have their attention for a minimum of 20 seconds. After that they may click another site without penalty. Again this is that target traffic so necessary to success.
These tips should get your going. Part 2 will gome along soon.

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